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3:6:9 Cleanse Mid-Way Tips | Meaningful Living Blog

October 06, 2021

I'm mid-way through the cleanse and share tips I've learned with you!

Watch how days 4, 5, and 6 went for me.


  1. Don't use the excuse that you don't have time! Make the time. Taking care of your body is extremely important.
  2. Determine what your ailments are (your reasons) for beginning a cleanse. 
  3. Pick a time period when you're not super busy with energy sucking tasks, but busy enough to be distracted from thinking about food!
  4. Find an accountability partner.
  5. Remind yourself why you wanted to do this cleanse in the first place.
  6. Be patient with yourself and give yourself time to rest.
  7. Plan a reward to look forward to after you've completed the cleanse!

Day 4!


Day 5!


Day 6!


Watch how I did on my final three days of the cleanse in my blog HERE!