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My Final Thoughts on the 3:6:9 Cleanse | Meaningful Living Blog

October 11, 2021

I'm at the end of my 9-day 3:6:9 cleanse journey!

Watch my final cleanse video updates below 😊

Day 7!

HELPFUL REMINDER: It's important to remove troublemaker foods (like bacon) from our diets so our bodies can release toxins more easily! Cleanses help us release toxins that our bodies might be holding on to.

CLEANSE UPDATE: My dad didn't have to take his blood pressure medicine during the time we cleansed!

Day 8!

CLEANSE UPDATE: I felt great and hadn't had any headaches! Also, I have a herniated disc and didn't have to take any pain medication the previous eight days.

Day 9!

HELPFUL REMINDER: It was much easier to do this cleanse during days I worked in the office than on weekends. I advise you to be mindful about the days you choose to take on this challenge!