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What To Expect

Are you wondering if we are the right for you?

Our process is designed to learn where you are financially and where you would like to go. We seek to pinpoint the purpose of your money to give you confidence that it will support the vision you have for your life.

So, whether you would like us to provide a complete financial plan you can implement on your own or do the work for you by joining our firm as a client, we are committed to helping you reach your financial goals!

Step 1: Free Financial Consulation

This shouldn't last more than 15 minutes and is where we help determine if we are a good fit for you.

You will answer questions like:

  • What is foremost on your mind?
  • What does retirement look like to you?
  • Do you currently have a retirement plan?
  • And more...

Step 2: Consultation Meeting

This meeting should last about 45 minutes and can be done either in person, via Zoom or over the phone. Our goal is to learn more about your net worth, the purpose of your money, your monthly expenses and much more...

This meeting is also where we will offer our expertise to create your financial plan for a one-time fee and provide you with information about how you can become a TimeWise Financial client.

As a client, you will not have to worry about what accounts you should close or open, where to pull money from, taxes, or how your family will be cared for because we will be right by your side. We will keep you on track to reach all of your financial goals in the midst of your busy life!

Step 3: Recommendations Meeting

This meeting should last about one hour. You will learn the history of the markets, why we do what we do, investment strategies, and more... We will present your strategic financial plan and our recommendations for you. Our dedicated and trustworthy financial advisors will provide you with solutions for every financial issue they find. 

Our firm is compensated based on your financial growth, so rest assured knowing that we are always on the same team working towards the same goals. Your victories are our victories! 

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