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The Growth Phase

Growing Your Assets to Fuel Your Passions

This phase in your financial strategy is all about aligning your risk tolerance with a long-term investing horizon to build wealth and plan for retirement. Our experts can help you develop a financial plan with the right asset allocation to maximize your accumulation and fund your passions later in life. 

Key Priorities for the Growth Phase

Our wealth advisors can help you focus on what’s most important during the wealth accumulation phase. Accumulation at this point is critical as you’re in the best position from a time perspective to take reasonable risks and grow your assets. At the same time, you’ll need solid advice on financial planning options to protect what you have and save for big expenditures — both known and unknown.


  • Max out your 401(k)
  • Max out your Roth IRA contributions


  • Save for your children's college
  • Maintain an adequate emergency fund


  • Prepare a will
  • Make sure you have adequate insurance