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Tax Service Levels

1. Tax Preparation

We can help Individuals, Estates, and Trusts prepare and file their tax returns. Price levels start at $300 and increase depending on the level of service needed.

2. High-Earner Tax Consultation “HENRY Tax Plan” - $300 for 90 minutes of interactive tax planning together.

Who is the "HENRY Tax Plan" For?

This is ideally for those who are earning what they consider a large income for themselves and are looking for Tax strategy ideas.  

Examples of Topics:

  • Could I save more on my taxes?
  • How will Tax policy changes affect me?
  • How can I be Tax efficient with my Stock Options that are vesting?
  • How can I be Tax efficient in my Trust?
  • How can I create a Tax efficient Estate?
  • Could I utilize Tax Gain-Loss Harvesting?

Take it to the Next Level!

Provide supporting documents, Investment statements, or Insurance policies if you would like to learn more about our Financial Planning Services.

Refund and cancellation policies for Tax Services Rendered

Tax consultation Fees are nonrefundable.  Cancelation can happen anytime without fees up to the time of the scheduled consultation.

Privacy policy

Effective and updated November 2021:

Your Privacy is of the utmost concern to TimeWise Financial. This privacy statement explains how we collect and use the information which you submit.

We understand that you share private and sensitive information in order to help us evaluate and resolve your tax questions. We will protect your privacy and under no circumstances, share any of the personal information collected during your consultation or throughout the process of your case, with any person or organization except as authorized by you. We will use the specific information collected throughout this process (Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, etc), to respond to your request regarding the reason you contacted us, as well as to provide tax related information and/or any future offers of service.

Terms and conditions

Tax Consultation: Tax advice provided to tax filers. The Tax Consultant understands tax laws and is able to advise the client of beneficial tax strategies that are available.

Tax Preparation: The tax consultant can prepare tax returns and other documents on behalf of the clients.