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Retirement Planning 

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning is a step-by-step process that evolves over time. The earlier you begin, the more time you have to plan for a comfortable, secure, and purposeful retirement. There are many considerations to make when planning for retirement such as your time horizon, savings, expenses, tax, insurance, and estate planning. Our financial, investment, and tax strategists can help you have a strategic plan in place to pursue your retirement goals.

Understanding Your Time Horizon

The difference between the age you want to retire and your current age is the basis of an effective retirement strategy. The more time you have, the higher level of risk your investment portfolio can withstand. If you're closer to retirement age, our wealth management team will be more conservative with your investment portfolio. Our ultimate goal is to find you the right investments, providing you with the best chance to have the finances you need at the time you need them.

Determining Your Retirement Goals

We believe that a compelling vision in life is essential in planning for your future. Our process begins by determining how you see your retirement. Where would you like to live? How much would you like to travel? Do you want to give large sums of money to your children or charity? What will make you happy in retirement?

It's important to begin here because your goals help our team calculate your estimated monthly expenses. This helps you have the amount of money you need to live the type of lifestyle you want in retirement. There is nothing worse than outliving the money you've put aside because of unplanned for and unexpected expenses. Our financial advisors provide you with confidence that different portions of your wealth are earmarked to protect you when the unexpected happens.

We Develop Your Purposeful Wealth Plan Based On:

What Inspires You

  • Redesign / Understand Your Vision
  • Clarify What You Want Your Money to do for You
  • Identify Your Values and Purpose
  • Pinpoint Your Life's Passions
In*Spire Workshop

Your Investment Strategy

  • Grow Your Money
  • Determine Your Available Sources of Income
  • Safety Assessment
  • Accelerated Growth of Designated Assets
Our Services

Meaningful Living Program

  • Join our Client Community
  • Participate in Fun, Educational Client Events
  • Serve our Local Communities
  • Learn and Experience New Things
Our New Client Process

In*Spire Workshop for Women and Couples

Are you having trouble envisioning how you see your life in retirement? Join us at a one-of-a-kind event that will take a deep look into what inspires you and what it means to live a purposeful life. This workshop invites you to determine what will make you happy in retirement so you can build a purposeful, retirement plan designed around your specific goals.

Tax Strategy

Your income after retirement usually comes from your individual retirement accounts (IRAs and 401k plans), savings, investments, and social security benefits. As part of your retirement plan, our team of financial planners will help implement tax strategies to minimize how much money the IRS takes after you begin withdrawing from these different accounts.