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Finding the Best Financial Planner for You

Getting great financial advice is all about finding the right partner to guide you. Timewise Financial goes beyond a typical plan for retirement to help you discover a purpose for your money, and then create a comprehensive plan designed to help you reach your goals.

What is the “right” client fit?

Most of our clients are highly accomplished women and couples who have achieved many milestones but now lack a clear vision and purpose for their next phase of life. They want to define what retirement looks like and create a well-thought-out financial plan knowing their money is well-positioned to support a meaningful life.

Are you the best financial advisor for me?

We are a good fit for people who want to live a meaningful life and appreciate the commitment it takes to get there. Our clients are interested in personal (as well as monetary) growth and want to partner with a team that can help them define their goals and strategize ways to achieve them.

Do you have a minimum asset requirement to become a client?

Our firm minimum is typically $300,000 in assets, BUT if you have fewer assets, are committed to maxing out a retirement plan, and can show that you are willing to do the work with us, then we will happily welcome you as a client.

What makes TimeWise Financial different?

No one WANTS to live with financial uncertainty, yet many do. That’s because they haven’t defined a purpose for their money. We help you visualize and quantify what it means for you to live a meaningful life. This step helps motivate you to design and follow a comprehensive financial strategy to live the life you want.

We help you grow in Financial Confidence and empower you to make good decisions. This discovery process makes us unique.

How do I know if I’m getting the best retirement plan?

There is no way to know for sure that you are getting the “best” anything, but we can guarantee that we will treat you like family and provide you with terrific service. We are pleased to have been awarded the Townelaker Reader’s Choice Award for the “Best Financial Advisor” in Woodstock for two years!*

We have offered financial planning services for more than 16 years and are committed to the ongoing education of our entire team to help provide the financial advice you need to live your best life.

Why do I need to hire a financial advisor? Can’t I do it myself?

Online tools and education have made it more accessible for individuals to invest, but there’s a significant difference between simply putting money in the market and developing a comprehensive financial plan with a qualified professional. We have years of experience implementing tax-smart investment and financial planning strategies that we build on with regular education and professional certifications. We live and breathe financial planning. How much time can you devote to keeping up with the latest investment vehicles, tax regulations, and products?

Additionally, there’s the emotional aspect of handling finances. It’s very tempting to buy and sell when you shouldn’t. Our financial advisors will walk you through turbulent markets and help you stay on target with your long-term goals. We’ll also help you plan for life-altering financial decisions like when to make a large purchase, how to maximize social security benefits, Medicare, legacy planning, and minimizing taxes.

Scheduling an Appointment:

How can I schedule a financial consultation?

Scheduling an appointment with one of our financial planners is easy with our up-to-date scheduler. Simply scroll to the bottom of any page, select the date and time that works best for you and you’re on your way to living an inspired life!

Can I contact you in person?

Absolutely! Please call our office any time to make an appointment or if you have questions you’d like to talk through.

Can I become a client even if I live in another state?

Yes, you can! We are licensed and work with clients in other states through virtual meetings, phone calls, and other online tools!

I already have a financial advisor. Can I still work with you?

It never hurts to have a second opinion on your life savings. Contact us and we’ll see if you could benefit from a consultation.  

*Source: Townelaker, Voted Best Financial Advisor in Woodstock in May of 2019 and 2020. This award is based upon public voting through Townelaker. As such, the award is not representative of the Financial Advisor's future performance. Neither Deanna LaRue, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ nor Avantax Investment ServicesSM paid a fee to Townelaker in exchange for the rating.