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Overcoming Financial Fears: Financial Experts' Top 5 Money Worries

October 18, 2023

Financial Advisors are not exempt from money worries. This video addresses these 5 concerns:

1. Falling Behind Financially: 

This is a concern for most but is especially a concern for the younger generations - Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z.

2. Not Having An Updated Plan: 

Just like there are doctors who smoke and lawyers who break the law, some advisors don't update their own financial plans to address changes as life gets busy.

3. Student Debt:

The weight of college debt is heavy on many. If you create a college plan for your children, they could be better off.

4. Outliving Your Money:

This fear is HUGE. Do you have enough money to retire and live for decades after? A financial advisor can help you determine if you have enough, and will create a financial plan to help keep you on track year after year.

5. Death of or Divorce from a Spouse:

This changes everything...including your budget. Get your assets in order and create a new budget with new priorities after these major life changes.

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