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Finding Happiness | A Meaningful Living Blog

Finding Happiness | A Meaningful Living Blog

October 05, 2021

We all want to be happy so we create lists of things like:

  • Find my soulmate
  • Go on my dream vacation
  • Achieve xx level of education

But, we can't accomplish huge goals like this EVERY DAY so we need to find something each day to look forward to. We must be intentional about prioritizing our happiness every day, not just once in a while.

Perhaps you feel happy sitting by the pool reading a book, watching your favorite tv show before bed, or drinking that special bottle of wine.

Our happiness is challenged every single day. The minute we turn on the news there's chaos, politics, illness, riots...AND we want to have control over everything. We think that having control will finally make us happy.

How do we release this need for control? How can we be content with our lives and ourselves? How can we be more spontaneous and get our excitement back?

First, I believe we begin by accepting others exactly as they are. Stop trying to change people. We don't like it when people try to change us so we have to accept that we can't force others to change either. We can't control our children, spouses, government...

Second, we must enjoy our journey. Ester Hicks uses an analogy:

Let's say you are going on a river rafting trip and ask the guide, "Can you tell me where we end?" He says "About 1 mile down the river." You respond, "Okay, great. Let's take the raft just a few hundred yards from where we are going, get out and start there." The River guide says, "Whatever you want, but I thought you came here for a river ride? I thought you wanted to live a bit?" You answer, "No, I just want to get it done and get to where I'm going."

Doesn't that sound similar to our lives now? Instead of allowing ourselves to live in every moment, we focus on the end result. It's time for us to make peace with where we are and do our best to enjoy the entire journey.

On that river, the water is rushing in one direction very fast! Do you think it's easier to paddle with the current or against? It's easier to paddle with it of course! For some reason, people spend 99% of their time fighting the current and less than 1% flowing with it.

We paddle against the current out of habit. We've probably seen someone else doing the same because as a society, we are taught that life isn't supposed to be easy. But, why isn't it? I believe that life IS supposed to be easy.

You have two choices in any moment of time - point upstream or down. You can either feel worse right now or better. Life gets better when we choose to go with the flow and worse when we try to fight what we can't control.

Getting our rafts turned in the right direction has to be enough for now. Life isn't only about the instant gratification of finally reaching the end. Don't miss out on each day because you're too focused on how fast you can get to the finish line. Enjoy the benefit of flowing with the current right now!

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