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Deanna LaRue

Deanna LaRue

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About Us

We aren’t your typical financial firm. Our goal is to elevate your expectations for yourself and your finances so that you can live your version of a meaningful life.

What that life looks like is unique to each client, but we believe that our role as your financial coach is to challenge, educate, and inspire you to expand your vision of what you thought was possible.

How Our Concept of True Financial Confidence Evolved

We’ve provided financial guidance for over sixteen years, helping individuals and families save for retirement, plan for life’s milestones and prepare meaningful legacies. Along the way, we've honed our skills as subject matter experts and learned a lot about what our clients truly need.

Thinking about the true needs of our clients helped us realize that they want and deserve so much more than a typical approach to wealth management. Our clients need to become truly financially confident by expanding their idea of what money can do for them, and how it should be used to help them live a life filled with purpose.

We are dedicated to advancing the personal and financial growth of every client through careful goal-setting and planning. Our team will encourage you to explore your ideal life, teach you financial literacy, and offer events to promote self-betterment and new experiences. We can accomplish so much more together!

"My true purpose as a financial advisor is to help you uncover all that is truly important to you.  It is to challenge how you think, encourage, and support you on this next phase of life so that you can live it meaningfully. My team and I want to encourage you to live a meaningful life driven by a purpose that inspires you daily."

Deanna LaRue, President

TimeWise Financial