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Educational Videos by TimeWise Financial

In this short video Deanna explains some of the details of IRA Contributions. She covers things like, max contributions, deadlines, spousal IRA's and more. If any questions arise after this informative video please feel free to contact us. Thanks for watching!

Deanna LaRue is back to help us better understand Employer Plans and what benefits they offer to the business owner and the employees. As a business owner and financial advisor, she used her knowledge and experience to simply explain how these plans work and offer a great incentive for the employees. If you have questions about your plan you have for your business or interest in learning more to offer your employees a retirement account, give us a call! 

Kate Smith took over the camera this month to educate us all on the new employer mandate and what it means for business owners. We have supplied a review worksheet that you can email back to Kate at and she will contact you to review your current plan or assist you in enrolling your company now. 

Small Business Insurance Review Worksheet


Kate explains the perks and top real reasons why having a insurance agent is so helpful! Click her picture below to learn why you should call her today!