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Being a Client

Deanna’s compensation is structured to meet each client’s individual needs. Since no two situations are the same, she offers both fee-based and commission-based structures through her affiliation with Avantaxt Investment ServicesSM and Avantax Advisory ServicesSM. After educating the clients, Deanna has them choose the pay structure that best fits their needs.

Deanna answers the Question : What are my clients paying for, because it's way more than just returns?


We are basically a Walking Life cycle checklist for our clients, Maybe when we first meet, LTC isn't important, but at some point it will be and we are there to remind them

I Work with the other professionals in their life like CPA, attorney, insurance agents- how nice would it be to have all of these people work together and just leave you alone!

We Keep notes of everything- every conversation, dates, times, 3 way calls...


Why are people paying $12 per hour at health clubs for someone to count to 12?

My clients are successful because they have focus, but with focus things get left on the side lines. Successful people want accountability they need a voice of reason.

I’m like the best man at a wedding, I’m going to listen to the promises my clients make and hold them to them.


I give Insight from outside to help my clients move away from emotionally driven decision making in important money matters.What’s trust worth?  I mean- someone to tell you what you need to know, not what you WANT to hear.


 I work with my clients to anticipate life transitions and be financially prepared for them. 

The greatest risk to our portfolio is something happening we do our best to plan but the challenge is everyone’s lives keep changing- so I ask my clients is to tell us about any changes they can foresee happening in the next 5 years- Baby, job change,  aging parents, divorce

It’s Better to prepare than repair


They Don’t want to know the type of investment, but more how it works and to know that they are a part of the decision being made.


 I want to help them achieve the best life possible with the money they have, but we will have to work together to make this possible.I’m not rowing their boat for them, but with them.

Whenever there is money involved – doesn't have to be a product I sell – I want to be attached to it – for instance, should I buy this new home, should I lease this car, I just lost my job what should I do to get by??